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Collaborate and connect: projectiondesign® F32 projectors visualize the future for Petrobras Research Centres

Fredrikstad, Norway, 10 December 2012 – One of the world’s largest research centers, the Leopoldo Américo Miguez de Mello Center for Research and Development (CENPES) on Fundão Island in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil uses none other than F32 series DLP® projectors for a variety of virtual reality laboratories and advanced collaboration rooms integrated by the visualization integration experts’ absolut technologies, a Brazilian company located in the state of Bahia.

The center was expanded in 2010 and since then Petrobras has continued to invest into the latest visualization innovations and the visual tools necessary for developing research into improvements in existing energy processes and the search for renewable energy sources.

In 2010, the projection room in a virtual reality laboratory was based on a Holoscape, a system that combines the immersive possibilities of a Digital CAVE with a total screen of 15x2.4m. Two years later, absolut technologies helped Petrobras to transform that space into an L SHAPE demonstration room with simultaneous projection onto a frontal screen (with 4k projectors) and, projected towards the ground, 4 F32 projectors from projectiondesign.

Today the center boasts four large shared visualization rooms and immersive environments for collaborative working with large screens and very high-resolution projections (Cave Lite and L SHAPE), which make Petrobras’ visualization work more precise, agile and effective.

These collaborative environments are using, among others, automation systems by Crestron, video-conferencing systems, which allow interaction between the different Petrobras virtual reality laboratories, and a total of 20 F32 series projectors by projectiondesign. The WUXGA resolution and reliable DLP technology ensures CENPS benefits from high image-quality, resolution, and consistent operation.

The most powerful of projectiondesign’s single-chip DLP projectors, the F32 was designed specifically for very demanding graphic applications in which a large amount of computer-generated image detail needs to be rendered at very high resolution. The range also boasts a wide range of lens options while projectiondesign’s RealColor™ technology facilitates straightforward and reliable colour-matching of multiple projectors – as used at CENPES.

According to Hans Ulmer, Managing Director at absolut technologies, the projectiondesign projectors used in the CENPES installation ensure high image quality with excellent resolution, contrast ratio and brightness.

“The high performance of the F32 projectors makes the collaborative rooms more functional, by enabling users to make faster, more detailed decisions, thus saving time and money”, adds Ulmer.




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CENPES Collaborative Room, image courtesy absolut technologies.

L SHAPE – NVC Domo, image courtesy absolut technologies.


About absolut technologies

Operating both in the national and the international markets since 1998, absolut technologies is dedicated to 2D and 3D solutions – Virtual Reality (VR). As well as consulting, development and system integration, absolut technologies offers maintenance services, ranging from corrective to prevention-oriented, for complete operation of the collaborative environment. In order to achieve this, the company relies on a highly qualified engineering team and RV or 3D specialists, constantly updated with the latest technological innovations. Based in Lauro de Freitas, Bahia state, where it also has one of the largest showrooms in Latin America, it has offices in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. The applications are aimed at diverse segments such as oil industry, automotive, education, centers for research and technology. absolut technologies has within its main customer base companies such as Petrobras, Fiat and Volkswagen among its clients. However, the company is expanding, also targeting the broadcast, architecture and interior design segments, and consequently, the set-up of 3D projectors in luxury home theatres.



About projectiondesign
projectiondesign is a Norwegian company that designs, manufactures and markets a range of high performance projectors for professional, business and consumer applications. Amongst its core markets are high resolution scientific visualization, visual training and simulation, medical imaging, broadcast and post production, public media and entertainment. Numerous industry milestones that distinguish projectiondesign's award winning, innovative technology include the introduction of the world's first single-chip SXGA DLP projector in 2002, the first commercially available 1080p DLP projector in 2006, the first WUXGA resolution DLP projector, and the first portable and high-resolution active 3D stereoscopic projector in 2008. In 2009, projectiondesign introduced its first 3-chip projector and debuted LED illumination. 2010 signified the company's first image warp and blend product with the Multi Image Processors, as well as the world premiere of the WQXGA resolution (2,560 x 1,600) projector, and revolutionary patented Remote Light Source technology. The entire professional product range is warranted for 24/7 usage. projectiondesign is located in Fredrikstad, Norway, with representatives in more than 20 offices throughout the world, and regional headquarters New York and Beijing.

For further information about this and other leading products please visit projectiondesign.com or contact:

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